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Roofer's Best

A white elastomeric coating that bonds easily, grips tenaciously, seals tightly, and reflects brightly. Reduces energy costs and prevents leaks when used along with Elastoseal undercoat.

  • White, professional grade, 400% elastomeric coating, water-based, liquid roof coating
  • Bonds directly to the existing roof system
  • Durable and flexible over wide range of temperatures, to resist cracking and peeling
  • Cures to form a tough seamless membrane, which seals and protects the roof
  • Great for well drained residential and mobile home roofs
  • Prolongs roof life
  • Protects against damaging effects of the sun, wind, rain and ice
  • Reflects 85% of the sun's heat rays
  • Dramatically lowers roof and interior temperatures
  • Easy to use, dries rapidly on a warm surface
  • Soap and water clean up immediately after use
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