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Exclusive Elasto-Seal® waterproofs, primes, and seals your roof surfaces, improving toughness and adhesion for the Snow Roof® elastomeric coating of your choice. It's even easy to apply!

  • Water-based, gray elastomeric rubber undercoat and primer for sealing roofs and decks
  • Ambient cross-linking technology
  • Maintains surface integrity and extends the life of top-coatings by waterproofing the surface
  • Expands and contracts with the surface to resist cracking or peeling
  • Superior adhesion to almost any surface
  • Cures to form a high strength seamless membrane, which seals the surface
  • Durable and flexible over wide range of temperatures
  • Flows easily into cracks and crevices
  • Forms a moisture barrier of protection
  • Soap and water clean up, immediately after use
  • Up to 600% elastic when dry.
  • Elasto-Seal is a primer and must be top-coated.
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