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Application Guide:
Reflective Aluminum Coating Project for Metal, Rolled, Built-Up, and Modified Bitumen Roofs

Prep the Roof

Broom thoroughly and power-wash to remove dirt and loose material, without damaging roof.

Douse with a mild non-filming cleaner, then rinse.

Let dry.

TOOLS: Broom

Seam Tape Critical Areas

Brush black Storm Patch® liberally over seam, edges, joints, cracks, gaps 1/8" or wider, vent bases, and standpipes. Then embed CST -50 Seam Tape in the wet coating, filling the weave. Apply a second coat to completely cover seam tape.

Let dry.

TOOLS: Razor blade knife, 4" paint brush

Pour & Spread Topcoats

Pour Snow Roof SilverŪ from the can to the roof.

Use a long-handled paint roller (3/4" nap) to spread 1 gallon per 90-100 sq. ft.

Let coating dry. Two to three coats provide a 7-year life expectancy.

TOOLS: Long-handled paint roller